I recently posted about the Women of Wine.  I know that by the title you would think that it was about women in the wine industry, and although that in itself is a great topic, I am known for not always seeing things the same way as most went a different route. I always tell my students, they need to think outside the box, they in turn tell me, sometimes I need to get in the box. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the red wines and their personas.

Pinot Noir is suave.  He is dashing in appearance and knows what say to get the ladies.  He is a nice to look at and is fully aware how to play the game.  He is the master of smooth talking and will get you to agree with him before you even know what is happening.  Although he is charming, he has a genuineness about him.  You are drawn to him but you are not quite sure why. All you know is that you are happier when you are with him. He is sexy and knows it and plays it to the hilt.  He will flash those gorgeous eyes and perfect smile at you and you will melt.  He is trouble, but you don’t care.

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Next up is one of my favorite varietals.  Merlot.  The old adage of “You had me at Merlot” rings near and dear to me. (that is an adage, isn’t it? or am I the only one who says that?) Merlot is your best friend.  He’s the one that you call when you are having problems with your boyfriend or at work, or with your family. He is your problem solver.  You trust him indelibly.  He is the one person that you trust with all your darkest secrets. Merlot has the shoulders that you can cry on.  He is there for you and you know it, but there just isn’t that chemistry to take it to the next level and you both  know it.  You couldn’t ask for a better best friend.  He is there for you when you need him.  He’s not just about the bad times, he is the first person you call when you are get good news too.  He is the first person you think of when you have news to share.  When you want to have fun, you know Merlot is you are going to call.  He knows how to enjoy himself, but doesn’t overdo it and he is protective of you.  He cares about you and wants you to be happy and safe.  He is the guy next store and you are grateful he is in your life.

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Although not a traditional wine, I would be remiss if I did not add Syrah to this list. This guy, oh yeah, this guy knows how to get things done. He is the one that will succeed in his mission no matter what.  He can handle it all.  He kicks butt and takes names.  Syrah is in your face and makes you say his name.  He is not a bully though,  he only is a hard ass when he has or someone he cares about has been wronged. He is one of the most heart-felt people you know but he knows how to get the job done.  Syrah does not scare easily- heck, he doesn’t get scared at all. He feeds on adrenaline.  There is nothing that you can throw at him that he can not handle.  He thrives in the most stressful situations. Those are the situations he was born to be in.

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Finally, we come to Cabernet Sauvignon. There wouldn’t be a list without this guy.  He is classy.  He can speak several languages eloquently. He’s sophisticated and stylish. He is a world traveler and he just has it all.  He is not snooty, he is not obtrusive, he is just himself.  He is handsome and there is an aura around him that exudes confidence.  Not cocky, just the right amount of charm, good looks, intelligence, and proper upbringing.  He knows how to live life to its fullest and have a great time doing it.  He doesn’t go looking for problems. He has travelled the world.  He has seen the Northern Lights, hiked the Andes, observed the Black Rhino in the Serengeti, and has relaxed on the beautiful beaches of Fiji. He has a way of telling stories that envelope you, make you dream that one day you can do the same. Cabernet Sauvignon is adventurous yet educated.  He is cultured, yet just rough enough around the edges to make him intriguing.  You can’t get enough of him.

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Bonus Wine: We couldn’t post about wine varietals without including our favorite! Cabernet Franc. This varietal is our pride and joy and we are so excited to be bottling in the near future. But enough about us and onto the wine. Cabernet Franc is all about being a team player.  He typically is found with his teammates.  He is comfortable with them. He knows he is part of something amazing because he makes his team better. They are stronger and more successful with him involved.  Like any good teammate he makes sure there is a synergism on the court/field. He loves to let his teammates shine in the spotlight, but every so often, he knows he has to do it on his own.  He carries the team on his shoulders and when it comes time to take that game winning shot/goal, he is the one that steps up and brings it all home.

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I hope you enjoyed thinking outside the box in terms of wine.  Do you agree with my choices?  I would love to hear your opinion. Please post a comment and tell me which guy you think matches the varietals.  


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