Dracaena Wines believes that producing exceptional wines, means that you need to have exceptional vineyards.  We are believers in the adage; “If you are a jack of all trades, you are a master of none.” We want to be master winemakers, so we rely on our farmers to understand the soils. We have contracts with our farmers for the same blocks vintage after vintage. We call it the “townhome: model. They own the soil, but we “own” the vines. 


Metz Vineyard in Paso Robles Vegas the weim in Metz Vineyard in Paso Robles

When Dracaena Wines came to Paso Robles in 2013, they found the Metz (previously Plummer) Family Vineyard. They knew this was the vineyard they had been looking for. Planting is on gentle to moderate slopes, with 8’X6′ vine spacing and a vertical shoot positioned trellis system. Unique row orientation (WSW to ENE) reduces fruit exposure to direct sunlight, reducing sunburn.This exposure allows the Cabernet Franc to see more morning sun; burning off the pyrazines (green notes), while protecting the fruit from prolonged intense sun which can damage the fruit.


Bloch Vineyard in Geneseo District Bloch Vineyard with Vegas the weim

Located in the Geneseo District, Bloch Vineyard is planted in a northwest/southeast exposure and thanks to the uplift from the Huerhuero and La Panza Fault, is at 1080 ft. elevation. Geneseo is  a warm region that benefits from the cooling influences of the Templeton Gap effect which can bring about a diurnal shift of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The one acre site is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The Calcium-rich soils have water-retention properties that are ideal for growing grapevines.


wilson vineyards in clarksburg, CA with mountains in back Vegas the weim eating Chenin grapes in Wilson Vineyards

As much as Dracaena Wines loves Paso Robles, they understand that not all environments are ideal for all varietals. Chenin Blanc is a fussy grape. She hails from the Loire Valley where there are silt soils, cool breezes and influence from the Loire River.  Chenin Blanc is grown in the Anjou-Saumur and Touraine regions of France, which lie along the Loire River in central-western France. Paso Robles has beautiful calcareous soils, enjoys a Mediterranean climate and lacks water. Three characteristics that Chenin Blanc does not like. So, sticking with the addage of only working with the most exceptional fruit, we travel to Clarksburg for our Chenin Blanc. Here, there is the silt soil that is similar to the Loire, the Delta Gap blows consistantly providing a cool breeze and the village is surrounded by levies, providing the similar climactic environment in the Loire Valley. 

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