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Our tasting room is located in downtown Paso Robles at the corner of 13th and Pine. Taste in a relaxing and casual environment. Reservations are appreciated, but not required. We are extremely dog friendly (how could we not be with our first weimaraner, Draco, proudly standing on each and every bottle.)  Visit us on the weekends to meet Vegas, our resident weimaraner and CGO (Chief Greeting Officer.)

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Science Dorks Unite

Lori and Michael met at work in New Jersey. Michael is a food chemist and Lori was a microbiologist.  Upon first dating, they would walk to the local food store and purchase a bottle of wine (usually by the label) and Lori would drink a glass while Michael prepared dinner. As their relationship bloomed, so did their love affair with wine. After traveling to visit several wine regions, they knew the wine world was where they wanted to be. In 2013, they began making wine in Paso Robles. Together with their weimaraner, Vegas, they are celebrating 10+ years of 90+ ratings.

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 The Vineyards

Our mission at Dracaena Wines is to work with the finest vineyards. We believe that if you are a jack of all trades, you are a master of none. We want to be master winemakers, so we rely on our vineyards owners to tend to the precious vines. We collaborately work side by side with the vineyard owners to produce the highest quality fruit vintage after vintage. 

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No Problem, We Deliver

Dracaena Wines is celebrating 10+ years of producing 90+ rated wines, particularly excelling in Cabernet Franc. As the pioneers of #CabFrancDay, their commitment to showcasing this varietal is their passion. With the convenience of online ordering, wine enthusiasts can easily access and enjoy their acclaimed wines.

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Paso Robles Location

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Fresno Location: tastings in winemaker’s home; weeknight tastings only