There are many choices that a winemaker has to decide upon when converting grapes to wine. If you choose to read those technical sheets that wineries provide, you have these decisions. But do you know what they mean? More importantly,
In May, I wrote a piece titled "What Has Happened in the Vineyard So Far This Vintage."  At that point, we had completed winter pruning, bud break and shoot thinning. Since then a lot has happened in the vineyard. This
Everyone loves being in a vineyard and seeing the beautiful vines come to life. The vines have been resting all winter and reserving their resources to produce a new vintage. But in order to make that vintage a spectacular one,
It was an exciting week. We brought in our first fruit of the harvest. Our Chenin Blanc! In all honesty, it was doubly exciting, since it was also our first time bringing in a white. I hear all the time
We are sure you are tired of hearing all about covid-19 and social distancing. We are right there with you and are hopeful that this post finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. These are sad and uncertain
These are some crazy times that we are in. As a fan of post-apocalyptic books, I can honestly say I never thought I'd see anything like what I've envisioned while reading a book. Now, we are not post-apocalyptic, but I
This past Monday marked our sixth vintage and in all honesty, time has truly flown. It began at 4am and although it was early, we were wide awake with excitement.  Even though everyone talks about harvest season, the vines have
It may be winter and a slow time at the winery, but these quiet moments have been well-earned.  Our Cabernet Franc is sleeping in barrels and our Rosé is in tank awaiting to be bottled.  But in order to get
Important dates in history.  There are plenty that have changed the world, some for the better and some for the worse. Some dates are significant to the world and others just to you. Well, today, October 1, 2018 is a
2016 vintage is a wrap! Well, not really. The wine still needs get use to its new home in bottle, and of course there is that little thing called selling it, but another vintage is now in bottle. Two years