Have you heard about Resveratol? Depending on the day of the year and the article you are reading it is either a miracle compound or a myth that needs to be busted. Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound known as a
enzyme function
All living things have enzymes in them. Enzymes act as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. The two biochemical reactions that make the world go round are photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Between these two reactions, oxygen is
Dolly the Sheep
The term clone brings up the image of Dolly. Do you remember Dolly? She made her debut in February 1997. Afterwards, Dolly was all the rage. I'm not talking Dolly Parton, but ironically she did play a role in the
I have discussed fermentation in multiple posts. Without fermentation, we would not have our beloved wine. The alluring aromatics and the exquisite flavors can be delivered to the bottle in a number of ways.   Blends are extremely common in today’s
This vintage has been an interesting one so far. I am not ready to go as far as calling it a “winemaker’s vintage,” but it definitely is going to be an intriguing one.  The season began with an incredible amount
Today's post is talking about a very important aspect of the winemaking process - must.   In order to get to the must, we should back up a bit and go to the vineyard.  As the season progresses, chemical changes are
The temperature is heating up and before we know it, harvest will be here. After the fruit is processed, it is time for the all important fermentation to begin and there are several factors that play a role in making
chloroplasts in a plant cell
One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is dry farming and why is it “such a big deal.” You hear winemakers talk about the fact that their vines are dry farmed. Why is that something that
In the past, I have talked about some of the wonderful aspects of winemaking. But today, I thought I would talk about something that is a real issue in the vineyards and can ultimately have an impact on the quality
All bubbles are not created equally. That does not mean that one method is necessarily better than another, rather the bubbles the different styles of sparkling wine are made through distinctive techniques. The most typical ways that the bubbles can