It's that time of year, and this year it came early.  Mother nature created a situation where the fruit ripened earlier than normal. In fact, in many areas it has been the earliest harvest in history.  What does that mean?
The next time you go to a store to purchase a bottle of wine, before you flinch at the price, I would like to let you know there is so much going on behind the scenes that have an effect
As we approach crush for our second vintage, we have come across another issue that we did not think of ahead of time.  (surprise, surprise) A situation that I honestly can say, as a wine consumer, I have never paid
Here we are near the end of August and we are just waiting for the grapes to decide when they are done ripening.  Although ahead of schedule from last year, we are only about fifty percent done.  We are anticipating
We are back to dealing with winery business this week.  Previously, I talked about the Chicken vs. Egg Quandry.  It is tough to know in what order we need to do things. In order to be able to sell, we
We seem to be facing a chicken vs. egg issue.  We are trying to finalize our label and our brand logo.  But in order to do this, we need to have the specifications for the labels.  We need to decide
Here we are in NJ and we have entered "Spring"  Apparently this year Spring means 40 degree differentials between a 48 hour period.  On Tuesday, we were at 78 degrees.  I had shorts and a t-shirt on and was enjoying
It is amazing how many little decisions you make on a daily basis and don't even think about the effects they can have.  Decisions like what clothes am I going to wear, should I wear my hair up or down