2016 vintage is a wrap! Well, not really. The wine still needs get use to its new home in bottle, and of course there is that little thing called selling it, but another vintage is now in bottle. Two years
The Art of Starting a Winery Dracaena Wines has been producing award-winning wines since the inaugural 2013 vintage.  We have poured our hearts and souls into each and every bottle.  We are a small producer; one that relies on our
They say time flies when you are having fun.  Well, that must mean making wine is fun because I can't believe that it has been five years since Mike and I began the pursuit of our passion with Dracaena Wines. 
VOTE FOR DRACAENA WINES HERE!  Read on to see the awesome news!  Wow! Is there anything higher than Cloud 9? Because I am on it!  This has been one heck of a weekend for Dracaena Wines. First, on Friday, I
This past Saturday, I spent the day swirling, sipping, and spitting and enjoyed myself immensely! It doesn't sound like a shabby day, does it? I was honored to be asked by Debbie Gioquindo, aka @hvwinegoddess to be a wine judge
You love your wine. We all do. Did you ever wonder how that luscious liquid gets in that bottle? There is a lot of effort and time put into ensuring you enjoy your sips and swirls. But we do love doing it
#CabFrancDay is finally  here! Today's post is short and sweet. In fact, there is just a video for you to enjoy! The wonderful life of Cabernet Franc, from vine to bottle in Paso Robles, CA. Join us tonight at 8pm EST
I am not a morning person.  I'm not really sure I'm a night person either. Maybe I'm a midday person! I seem to come into my prime somewhere around 11am. Is there even a word for that? I think I should come
AP vs Custom Crush Dracaena Wines is part of an AP [alternating proprietorship]. What this means is that we don't have our own physical building. Instead, two or more wineries share (alternate) use of part of a bonded winery's facility.
We are new to the wine industry. Our inaugural vintage, 2013 is currently for sale.  It is not a secret that the wine business is not an easy business to break into. Heck, one of the most famous sayings is,