We are new to the wine industry. Our inaugural vintage, 2013 is currently for sale.  It is not a secret that the wine business is not an easy business to break into. Heck, one of the most famous sayings is,
It is that season again. Well, actually it is significantly early, but it is the time of year we all get excited about.  It's Harvest Time! When we started the winery, back in 2013, we harvested in November. In 2014,
Important dates in history.  There are plenty that have changed the world, some for the better and some for the worse. Some dates are significant to the world and others just to you. Well, today, October 1, 2015 is a
According to KSBY Channel 6 News, the Central Coast is now in their 4th year of drought and most estimates are that there is about 1 year left in above ground water supply and that ground water is being used far
What do you do when you live 3000 miles away from your winery? You count on the people you surround yourself with to help you out!  Sometimes it goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn't.  In case you have been living
I'm sitting on the plane as it gets closer to San Jose. Mike was a doll and gave up his first class seat to me. I swear it is the little things that prove you are loved. Today has been
Mike and I had the ultimate trip to Paso Robles this past week. Initially, we were scheduled to bottle but some behind the scenes issues happened and that did not happen. Like any business, you have to be able to go
Can I hear a HELL YEAH please?! I opened my email this morning and saw something that made me very happy! An email from our compliance consultant.  After five months our basic permit from the TTB has been accepted.  
[bctt tweet="It is winter in Jersey and baby it is COLD outside!!"]  Thankfully, we have not had a winter like last year.  I don't think I could handle another winter like the last one.  So much snow!  This year, there isn't
Welcome back to the third installment of the story behind our 2014 Harvest.  I guess technically, this would be the fourth post since back in August I discussed all logistics performed behind the scenes while Preparing for Harvest.  Two weeks