Last week, while in the tasting room, a gentleman asked me a question. He prefaced it with the statement that he had asked this previously to another winery and still didn’t understand it.  His question was a common one, “How
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Wine blends are often considered to be more interesting than single varietals due to the simple fact that there are more components in the wine. A GSM, (Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre) has three different wines to add to the dimension of the wine.
I love when two worlds collide.  I found an article in the Epoch Times titled, :Dragon’s Blood: One of the Most Potent Sources of Antioxidants on the Planet.” I thought it was a great topic for this week’s post, as
During the growing season, there are two very important zones of the vine that must be managed; canopy management and fruit zone management. When we talk about canopy management, we are doing our best to keep the vine in balance
Have you heard of the angel’s share? It is a term typically associated with whiskey. The term relates to the amount of whiskey that evaporates during the aging process.  This evaporation, according to legend, is what the angels drink as
Oxygen plays a very important role in the winemaking process. The winemaker is always trying to limit the amount of oxygen, but it truly is a balancing act. Too little oxygen, the wine is reductive and you get that onion
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One of the most beautiful videos to watch in a vineyard is when the vine weeps after it has been pruned.  I get asked a lot as to why this happens, so I figured it was a good topic for
Oenococcus oeni
If you follow me or this blog, you know I talk about fermentation a lot. I absolutely love the science behind it. The fact that microscopic organisms are responsible for creating alcohol that we enjoy consuming is just so cool
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I truly believe that it is not necessary to always taste a wine and analyze it. In fact, I will argue that the majority of the time wine should not be analyzed, rather just enjoyed. It is an entryway into
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