Let's face it. 2020, well... it sucked! Besides the horrible virus, we had murder hornets and a record number of fires. There was toilet paper hoarding (I still don't understand the reason for this) For the first time ever, the
Imagine a vacation spot that is ideal if you love water sports. How about if hiking is your thing? What about a place that offers both of those options? Now add in art, amusement parks, and hilltop villages.  Have I
What is Prosecco? Ask someone what Champagne is and most people will be able to answer you. However ask what Prosecco is, and you get that dazed and glazed look. People are more familiar with Champagne than Prosecco.  Don't worry,
If you believe in having a soul, I don't think there can be any doubt that Malbec is Argentina's. On this day, I was one of select few to participate in a science experiment of sorts. One that caused me
April is Achaval Ferrer month on #Winestudio! This is my second rendezvous with this producer thanks to this fantastic educational program. If you are unfamiliar with this program, please click here to learn more about how you can participate and
March Madness For me, March typically means two things. Mike's birthday and March Madness! But this year, it meant something else. This year, thanks to #winestudio, it meant I was going to hold a Winemaker's Handprint in mine! We were
Straightforward Winemaking Nestled within the Applegate Valley, Oregon, Troon Vineyards has a very simple motto. Make "Wines for Life" by following these rules: field sort the grapes by the same vineyard by the same crew that tends to them all
Argentina = Malbec There is no doubt that Argentina's flagship variety is Malbec.  According to Eric Asimov, "When consumers think of Malbec, only one country comes to mind: Argentina". Although it originated in South West France, where it is called Cot, the
Do you know that full-bodied red wine that comes mostly from Argentina? How about the wine that is known for its plump dark fruit flavors and oh so lovely smoky finish? Or the wine that is priced much lower than Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah
Welcome to the season of Rosé.  People often view rosé only as a summer sipper, but please don't fall into the bad crowd. The wise, cool kids know this wine can be perfect in any season.   A Bit of History Although it is not