When my friend Jeff, at TheDrunkencyclist.com wrote a post about celebrating #ChardonnayDay, I replied by posing a question why some of these wine days are more popular than others. His response of

I think the relative popularity of the given “Day” is driven by the energy provided by the bigger producers of PR firms. The whole concept smacks me as a Hallmark-like created “holiday” to sell greeting cards….

really hit home with me. I mean, we all love wine, we drink it pretty much whenever we can.  There are countless jokes about oenophiles and how much we drink. Do we really need a “holiday” to tell us which one to drink? But I have to admit I fell into the PR trap. PR Trap


For example, May 15th was #SauvignonBlancDay, but it was also on April 24th.  I saw quite a bit of advertisement on social media about it for the April date, but when the May date came around, nothing. Hardly a tweet was chirped. Why is that?  What made the April date more popular? My conclusion falls in line with Jeff’s.  It was the impact of the big producers.  They were the ones who were posting about it and getting  their “bird” out there. 

Another PR campaign was to celebrate Malbec. The companies couldn’t even come to a consensus on what it should be called some called it #WorldMalbecDay while others called it #MalbecWorldDay but it was a big “holiday” in terms of social media. Heck, I think the whole country of Argentina got behind promoting it.  Both were trending, but #WorldMalbecDay was the leader, I personally think it was the fact that it sounded smoother, but who am I to say. I did research why it was its given day, you can read about it here.  

It is a battle and who will win? Drinking for Propaganda or Drinking for Love? 

And here are a few others that were left on the editing floor. 

May 23rd – Chardonnay Day

May 25th – National Wine Day

June 21 – Lambrusco Day

August 30th – International Cabernet Sauvignon Day

3rd Friday of every September – International Granache Day

October 26th – Champagne Day

November 7th – International Merlot Day

November 21st –  Beaujolais Nouveau day

NYE- apparently another National Champagne Day ( definite propaganda ploy)

I am sure there a lot more out there that I have not included. If you know of one, please leave a comment because you know we all need an excuse to drink more wine! 

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  1. Hhhmmm I am not really sure how I feel about these days. If I receive media samples and am asked to participate in an online chat to support the day I will if my schedule allows. If not I celebrate as I am able and aware. Last night I was at an outdoor concert and enjoyed a fabulous bottle of Merry Edwards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

  2. It’s turned into both marketing ploy and an excuse to drink. It can be fun when a group (online or in person) participates, but when there are too many days it gets inconvenient and watered down. Don’t forget Zinfandel day. 😉

    1. agreed. Yes, we always participate in Zinfandel Day. One of our favorite varietals. And I am very proud that I promoted Cab Franc Day which is Dec. 4th. :o) It was a fun time on twitter.

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