Today, is April 17th. It is a beautiful morning with the weather finally being Spring like. It is a cool morning, but the sun is bright and shining and it is going to reach a wonderful 72o. All of that is nice, but today is a special day to us people who live the life of wine. Today is World Malbec Day.  In last year’s post, I discussed the reasoning behind today being chosen as the day to celebrate. As the person behind starting Cabernet Franc Day, I like to understand why the day was chosen. As a brief reminder, [if you want the whole story please click the link here] it was on this day in 1853, that he asked the French soil expert Michel Aimé Pouget, to bring new vines to Argentina. 

Since I already did the history of Malbec, I thought I’d go a different route this year. Here are four suggestions on how to get into the spirit of ##MalbecWorldDay because today Malbec will be making some noise! (not sure why its not WorldMalbecDay)

World Malbec Day, Dracaena Wines
photo credit: DANIEL REYES

1- Host an Argentinian Wine Tasting Party

World Malbec Day, Dracaena Wines
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Use this free tasting sheet from Total Wine and be sure to have your cell phones nearby to take a lot of pictures and tweet out about #WorldMalbecDay.

World Malbec Day, Dracaena Wines
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2- Find an event near you! There are over 70 events in over 70 cities and 54 countries across the globe. Find and event near you and join in the fun! 

World Malbec Day, Dracaena Wines

3- Eat, Drink and Be Merry! Argentina is known for its food!  Argentines love to eat and are passionate about their prowess in the kitchen. While Argentina may be most famous for its world-class beef, Argentinian food also incorporates influences from many other distinct cuisines around the world. 

World malbec Day, Dracaena Wines
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4- You can Tango! The history of the Tango is racy one! According to Murray Pfeffer

The Tango, often called ‘The Argentine Tango’, is Argentina’s contribution to the world of dance. The Tango came from the brothels and low cafes of Buenos Aires at the turn of the century. However, at it’s very beginning, it was a ballet-like dance between two men, which, just a little later, became the obscene dance of the brothels where both men and women had the opportunity to rub their bodies together. Over the years, the Tango has changed becoming an elegant and stylish dance evoking a picture of high society, with women in sleek glittering evening gowns and men in tuxedos and tails.

Grab a partner and “rub those bodies together! 

How will you be celebrating ##MalbecWorldDay? 


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  1. I just pulled a tango muscle trying to emulate those above. Maybe stretching ahead?

    Now, time to pop a cork on a Cahors. They don’t tango in Southwest France. At least I hope not.


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