I’m going to guess you had something else in mind when you opened this blog post.  You probably assumed this was going to be about women in the wine industry. That would be the obvious answer, but I felt like having some fun.  The other night at happy hour my friends and I were discussing the BCOscars.  They were all into it. They knew the movies and had their favorites.  I, on the other hand do not really get into any of the award shows.  They just don’t keep my attention. I had more fun watching Joan Rivers on the Fashion Police making fun of what the stars wore. That maybe a little clue into my personality, but hey, maybe I just like laughing.  I haven’t watched The Fashion Police since the untimely death of Joan Rivers so I don’t know if it is still as funny.  She really could make me laugh and Mike and I were lucky enough to see her live about two weeks prior to her death. She was full of life and a blast to see live (my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.) 

Not being into the award shows, after our conversation I was thrilled to hear that Bradley Cooper was up for an Academy Award for American Sniper. I am a BChuge fan, probably not for the right reasons, but a big fan none the less.  If you need a recap on my passion for Bradley I blogged about my awesome day seeing him in The Elephant Man on Broadway.  He deserves a Tony for that performance! (see I know the names of the awards – well at least those two!)

So what is this post going to be about instead? As we were discussing the movies (of which I had nothing to say about any of them since I didn’t see any) my mind started wandering to wine (surprise..surprise)  I started thinking how I could go for a glass of bubbles at the moment.  Then I thought, umm, what star has the same personality, and violá, a blog post came to mind. I decided to break it up into the women and the men (whites & reds)

Since I already mentioned bubbles, I’ll start with Champagne (Sparkling.) Champagne’s personality is bubbly (duh!) She is upbeat and is the life of the party. She is the queen of the secret password parties.  You know what I mean, the ones that you have to bring an egg to a convenience store to get the password and the secret location of the real party.  She loves flaunting her stuff, and does a great job at it. She is upfront and center and in your face confident. Champagne doesn’t hide behind anyone, what you see is what you get. (ok, Rue Paul may be hiding something) She is proud of her bubbles and there is no stopping her. 

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Sauvignon Blanc is the “Take me or leave me” of wines.  She has a personality that you either love or hate (or dislike intensely) but she doesn’t care. She knows who she is and is  “A-ok” with it.  She doesn’t need anyone to coddle her and she sure as heck won’t be the one holding your hand if you’re scared.  If you piss her off, you are going to know about it. She is strong willed and independent. It is her way or the highway.  There is no pulling the wool over Sauvignon Blanc’s eyes.  She is fully aware of what is happening around her at all times.

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Pinot Grigio is a quiet little lady.  She is a wallflower.  She is mild-mannered and does not want to be the center of attention.  She is more than happy just to be at a party and blend in with the crowd. She definitely is not adventurous on the outside, but may be a bit crazy on in the inside. She would never go cliff diving, but she loves to read about it or dream about.  She is a daydreamer, someone who loves to live in her imagination, and what an imagination she has! Pinot Grigio is a helpless romantic. She is waiting for her one true prince to come. She knows her comfort zone and does not want to step outside of it.  She gets along with everyone and everyone likes her, but don’t expect to see her hooting it up at a happy hour. 

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Chardonnay is the high-class lady. She has good taste and good manners and flaunts it.  She wears her diamonds and sapphires confidently and her designer outfits are fitted perfectly to her well maintained frame.  Being from Jersey, you may expect me to say she is one of the Housewives of New Jersey, but since I think they are trashy and Chardonnay definitely isn’t trashy I won’t go there.  Instead, she is classy, but knows it.  She has grown up privileged, but not spoiled.  She married well (for love, of course) and lives a fulfilled life.  She is strong and confident but always the lady. 

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There you have it.  My thoughts on if white wines were actresses. In the next installment I will take a crack at the men. Now that I put this obscure thought into your mind, which actress would you choose to represent each of the wines? Do you agree with mine or do you have someone better?  I would love to know your thoughts – please leave a comment of your top picks. Or better yet, which wine are you?


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