For this blog post, I felt it has been awhile since there was some humor.  I spend many an hour hunting around the internet looking for things to share with the social media world.  I figured, it was a good idea to put a few of the ones that made me laugh the most here.  I hope you enjoy.

Let’s start off with some wineries that are a bit creative with their names.  A little double entendre never hurts.








I had to laugh at both of these.  These wineries apparently have a great sense of humor and are willing to step out on the ledge of marketing.  These labels are very clever, although I am not sure I would want to drink either.


 Next up are some misaligned shopping signs.  Not having children, I can’t honestly say, but I think these speak volumes for the relationship between having children and the need for wine.









These two churches know how to get the people in.  In today’s society, you need to have sense of humor.  Wouldn’t you think about potentially going to a service here.  They obviously take themselves light-heartedly. 









Lastly, these pictures demonstrate someone who 1- is very clever and 2- has way too much time on his hands. This joker was running around some stores replacing the carefully thought out tasting notes with some more humorous one. Kudos, to his originality!  

label 1 label 2








There you have it… short and sweet, but hope you had some laughs.

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