Dracaena WinesI decided that I wanted to get more interactive on our Facebook page. I thought about what would people like to know or discuss.  After pondering the topic for a while, I came up with Wine Scenarios.  I use scenarios in my classes all the time. I ask my students what would they do in a certain situation. They tend to like these days that I bring them up (maybe because it means less running, but I like to think they like the activity.) I started doing a wine scenario a day and it has been greeted with enthusiasm on our page. If you haven’t liked us….. what are you waiting for? Here’s the link

I don’t know how long I can continue to create these scenarios. It’s a lot harder to come up with wine scenarios than high school scenarios. I hope you enjoy and I hope they make you think!  Please leave me some comments of what you would do! 

Scenario 1

You are out to dinner with other people. Another member of your party takes the wine list and orders a bottle of wine. The sommelier brings the bottle to that person for approval. After looking at label and tasting they agree it is ok. One sip of your glass, you realize the bottle is corked? What do you do? 


Scenario 2

Someone in you wine circle always brags about the amazing wines he/she drinks – of course you never get to share in these wines. One night you are out and you see them, but they don’t see you. They are drinking a bottle of Thunderbird. What do you do?


Scenario 3

You are walking in back alley of a wine shop. The store is closed, no one is around and there are no cameras. You notice that there is a case of wine sitting there that was obviously left there by accident. Do you take the case? What would you do?


Scenario 4

You are hosting a surf and turf dinner and your guest has brought you a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. Do you open their bottle at dinner? What do you do? 



In addition to these wine scenarios, I ask a wine question of the day. So head over to our Facebook page, give us a like and play along! 


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  1. 1:say the wine is corked; 2: so nothing, not my business; 3: take the case and bring it back to the shop the following day explaining what happened; 4: always open a wine brought by a guest no matter what, you don’t have to pour it for everyone, just make it available, good friends are more important than bad wine.

    1. oh! you are so nice on scenario 3! I honestly would just leave it. too much effort to bring back the next day. You are a much nicer person than I. ;o) And agree 100% friends more important than wine!

  2. Scenario 1 – speak up. People have different sensitivity to the corked wines. Even if you think it might be corked, you speak up. Nobody should drink corked wine.

    Scenario 2 – I have no idea what Thunderbird is – I don’t think I would do anything.

    Scenario 3 – Nothing. It is next to the store. It might be just dumped out as total crap. No matter. you just walk away.

    Scenario 4 – there are many options here. YOu might tell your gusts you already have selected wine, and if they don’t mind, you would prefer to stay with what you prepared. Or you open that wine as soon as possible and try get it consumed before the dinner will actually start. What I wouldn’t do is comment on the selection. By the way, two buck chuck is not that terrible – here, I said it.

    1. I personally have never tasted thunderbird, but have heard I don’t want to! Interesting take on scenario 3. Hahah! good to know 2BC isn’t too bad.

  3. 1: Absolutely note the wine is corked; ask the somm to return and re-check.
    2: I’d walk up to the table and ask if they’d like a taste of whatever I’m drinking. I have NO IDEA what happened before I walked up…
    3: I’d assume its there for a reason and probably not touch it. (What if it’s been left there for a customer who will pick it up later? What if it’s a terrible case?) If it was old world OWC, I _might_ look to see if I could examine a bottle… but really unlikely.
    4: I ask the guest if they’d like to drink the wine they brought, one of my selected pairings, or something else. (If yes, I open it for them, if not, I put it aside.) Wines are usually opened in advance and prepared to go for specific meals and pairings- but if this is what the guest wants to drink, ABSOLUTELY!

    1. great answers Jim. Agree, if your guest wants the wine they brought, more power to them! I never thought about another customer picking up later, Good thinking!

  4. These are such great responses. Here are my silly ones:
    1. The picture says it all – cry like a baby. Corked wine is a tragedy.
    2. Say hello and ask how’s the Thunderbird?
    3. Leave it alone, probably booby-trapped or part of some hidden camera show.
    4. If I liked you well enough to invite you to dinner, I’ll drink your 2-buck chuck and like it.

    1. Hidden game show! Love it! You may have come created a new show! I totally would go up to them and ask how’s the Thunderbird!

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