This month the #WinePW crew is doing something a little different. We typically do either a wine region or a specific grape variety. But this time, we are talking about the alphabet. May wines means “M” wines.. or regions.. or wineries… or winemakers.  ( I guess I could have done Mike! LOL) Confused by what I mean? I explain it all in my invite post

I didn’t want to go with a mainstream wine. I wanted to stay away from the first thing that popped in people’s minds. So I steered away from Malbec and Mourvèdre.  I also figured a lot of people would think of the Médoc region in France. In order to find my wine for this chat, I walked into my local wine shop where I purchase the majority of my wine, found one of my two trusty wine specialists and gave them the speech, “I’m looking for a wine that starts with the letter “M” but I don’t want it to be mainstream. 

Julie pondered for about thirty seconds and turned to go to a different aisle. I obediently followed and she showed me a bottle o Moscatel. SOLD (SRP: $14.99)! A 2015 Botani Old Vines Moscatel. The fruit is from the Sierras de Malaga DO in Spain. 

Join us at 11am EST for our twitter chat about the wine that starts with the letter “M”! It’s easy to follow along even if you haven’t written a blog post by following the hashtag #WinePW. And be sure to check out my fellow bloggers’ posts to see where they went with the letter “M.” 

Jeff Burrows of FoodWineClick will be discussing “M” is for Marselan

Jill Barth of L’OCCASION explains Monterey Wines For Summertime

Camilla Mann of Culinary Adventures with Camilla  enjoyed M is for Mourvèdre with Maple-Glazed Duck Legs

Cindy of Grape Experiences enjoyed an evening Wine and Dine: La Mora Favorites with Margherita Flatbread

Lauren of The Swirling Dervish is chatting about Dry Muscat from Málaga and Pork Paella

David of Cooking Chat enjoyed Asiago Lemon Spaghetti with Malagousia Wine from Greece

Wendy of A Day in the Life on the Farm celebrated In the Merry Merry Month of May I Met Magistrate Merlot

Gwendolyn of Wine Predator decided M is for Malbec: 8 Wines, 4 Countries, 3 Continents paired with empanadas #WinePW 

Nicole on Somm’s Table is Cooking to the Wine: Recanati Marawi with Black Cod and Papaya-Cucumber Salad

Lisa, The Wine Chef paired Roast Chicken With Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir From The Mornington Peninsula – The Best Australian Wine Region You’ve Never Heard Of #WinePW

Jennifer of VinoTravels enjoyed Malvasia on the island of Sicilia

and Dracaena Wines (that’s me) will be #WinePW Meets #Winephabet Street; M is for Moscatel



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