This Saturday, May 14, 2016, the #WinePW group will be getting together on twitter to share their wine and enchilada pairing ideas. The concept was started by David Crowley [read his initial invitation here]. It is always a great time, so why not join in on the fun? All you need to do is get on twitter at 11am EST and follow #WinePW.

#WinePW, Dracaena WinesEnchiladas have been around for a long time. In fact they were invented by the Mayans in pre-Columbian times, but our group is going beyond the traditional recipes and are tempting the palate with some amazing recipes and wine pairings. Follow these awesome bloggers posts to see their pairing ideas: 




Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla will post about Prickly Pear-Pulled Pork Enchiladas with Prosecco

Cindy of Grape Experiences will post Wine and Dine: Condes de Albarei 2014 and Goat Cheese Enchiladas

David of Cooking Chat will be debating Wine for Enchiladas — Red or White?

Jeff of FoodWineClick will be running a Taste Test: Wines for Spicy Food.

Jill of L’occasion will feature Cooking with Wine: Chipotle Pinot Noir Enchiladas.

Nancy from Pull That Cork (next month’s host) is talking Mom’s Enchiladas and Casillero del Diablo Wines for #winePW

Meaghan of Un Assaggio of Wine, Wine & Marriage will be making Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas #winePW

Michelle of RockinRedBlog will be Exploring Enchiladas and Wine Pairings with WinePW

Sarah from Curious Cuisiniere will post Chicken and Cheese Entomatadas: Pairing Tomatoes with Wine

Wendy of A Day in the Life on a Farm will be talking about Elderberry Sangria.

and my post for Dracaena Wines will be Enchiladas and Trousseau Gris; Could It Be? 

For a list of past and upcoming #WinePW events, visit the Wine Pairing Weekend calendar here. We’d love to have you online with us! There is still time to get in on the fun, just email me your title and blog url and I will add it to this preview post. Publish your post between 12:01 a.m-7:00 a.m. EDT on Saturday, May 14 then get social! Even if you don’t have a blog, we’d be more than happy to have you join in the conversation.



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