imageHappy Valentine’s Day everyone. Mike and I needed a break from the cold and snow and decided to go to sunny San Diego for the long weekend. 

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting our Twitter friend Maggie Unzueta (@maggieunz) and her charming fiánce Chris. They chose to meet at Wine Stealers in Liberty Station in Point Loma. Was such a nice night. It is always fun meeting Twitter friends and turning them into “real life” friends. 

As we were swapping stories Maggie shared how she and Chris met and said it was all in her blog. When Mike and I shared our story, she immediately told me I should post it.  Now, I’m not really sure if anyone would be interested or if Maggie was just being sweet, but since today is Valentine’s Day I thought maybe it would be appropriate. So here you go;

One spring day 22 years ago I was sitting in a business meeting. (This was back when I was a microbiologist for a major food company. ) This was one of those team building meetings- you all know them right? Meetings for the sake of meetings. Sitting directly behind me was Marilyn. Marilyn was in analytics and she wore a smock everyday. She also use to horde the free cookies that came around on the tea cart everyday. Additionally Marilyn, let’s just say, was not the most hygienic person. Between the smock, the cookies in her pockets, and the “not so fresh” scent she had made quite the name for herself.  

Mike, brand new to the company, was unaware of the “quirks” of Marilyn, saw an empty seat next to her and sat in it. In this meeting we were suppose to turn around and partner up with the person behind us. As I turned to partner up with the correct person, my eyes met Marilyn and with cat like reflexes immediately stuck my hand out to introduce myself to Mike (I know, that was mean- but it had to be done.).

Mike and I partnered for the meeting and during our project I suggested he come play softball with a bunch of us after work. It was Thursday and our ritual was to get out of work, go play softball for a couple of hours and then go to a local bar for awhile. After a few drinks some of the guys and me (the only girl) would go play some pick- up basketball games. The other girls and some of the guys stayed at the bar and continued drinking. After Bball we would return and shut the bar down at 2am. Isn’t it amazing how your body could handle all that and still get up the next morning for work when you were in your 20’s?!

 Mike joined us and you would think the rest was history. But no- Mike had a girlfriend. A longtime girlfriend. She lived about an hour away and I had met her once. Mike and I hung out a lot and became really good friends. Such good friends that when it came time for him to celebrate his two year anniversary with his girlfriend I planned it. Yep, I put the whole thing together. A Broadway play (Les Miserables) a dinner in The City and a hotel room right off of Broadway. How’s that? Book an awesome evening for your future spouse- pretty much guaranteeing he’ll get lucky!

He went on his anniversary date and I hung out with friends. Fast forward a month to my birthday. He was suppose to go visit his girlfriend. By now I have to admit I was upset he wasn’t spending my birthday with me. I had feelings but never acted in them. But how can I be angry with him. Anyway, he called me that night and I gave him a bit of the cold shoulder. He asked me what I was doing for my bday and I responded gruffly, “Nothing.”  He said I should go out for my birthday, and asked me out on a date for the first time. He had broken up with his girlfriend and drive back up to be with me on my birthday. That’s as romantic as John Cusack holding the boom box over his head in “Say Anything.”

So here we are celebrating Valentine’s Day in beautiful San Diego and approaching our 20th wedding anniversary in October. Yep, I have my Valentine and I hope you have yours! All I can say is “Thank you Marilyn, wherever you are. If it wasn’t for you, Mike and I may have never met! ”

How did you meet your Valentine? We would love to hear  





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