I spend a lot of time perusing the internet looking for wine related topics.  Things show up that I have never heard of before and I get intrigued.  The Clurichaun (“Kloo’-ra-kahns”) are one of these things.  I live for eerie scary things. Just ask my friends who I drag to ghost walks and cemeteries.  The creepy things that go bump in the night, make me giddy.  If there is a gruesome story, I want to hear it. If there is a legend to be had in an area we visit, you know I’m checking it out for myself.  Hell, my friend and I went to Puerto Rico and all I wanted to do was to find a chupacabra (much to her chagrin). I love this kind of stuff!  I don’t know how I could have gone this long without hearing about this Irish mythical creature before.  He has it all for me. He is like the grand slam of unnatural phenomena – he’s Irish, he’s strange, he gets annoyed easily and he loves wine! What else could you ask for in a mythical character.  As Veruca Salt would say:

61464568You are probably asking yourself by now what the heck I’m talking about. A clurichaun is a solitary Irish faerie.  He is a clurichaun, leprechaun,cousin of the much more famous leprechaun. They also go by the name of “His Nibs,” and they are all males.  Apparently females, just can’t hack the job. The differences between the clurichaun and their cousins is that leprechauns are typically found in groups, while the clurichauns prefer the solitary life and instead loving gold, they love wine.  Maybe it is because they enjoy drinking wine and do not want to share it with anyone else. As long as they have wine, they are viewed as cheerful and friendly but like most drunk folks, they change their behavior when they have had too much wine. They become a wee bit surly and aloof. Come on, look at this guy, he looks pretty darn happy to me. Wouldn’t you want one?

As legend has it, the clurichaun is great to have around the house because he will protect your home from vandals and thieves. But his all time favorite place to be is in your wine cellar and as long as you treat them well they will protect your wine. When happy, you can hear him singing Irish folk songs similar to this.

They have a pet peeve about being confused with their cousins, the leprechauns. They will be very upset if you call them by the wrong name. To aid in their independence from them, clurichauns like to be clean and well-dressed. ( I was unaware leprechauns were dirty and I actually always thought they dressed pretty spiffy.) They can be found wearing an organic red hat and red and white clothing with blue knee-high stockings, and silver buckles on their shoes . 

They do tend to be a tad emotional and if they feel they have been mistreated, or you do insult them they will wreak havoc on a home and spoil the wine stock. So be smart and be a courteous host.  

If you feel that you want one of these guys in your home there are two methods of attracting him.  First,you can leave some wine out for him in your wine cellar but if you want to improve your chances there is a welcoming ritual you can perform. The quantity of wine in your collection does not matter, however the variety does. He does not like to sample the same wine over and over, so make sure you have a selection.

 Clurichaun Blessing

In this spell, you are asking the Clurichaun to bless and protect your home.
You need a chalice full of wine (or juice) and your magick wand.
Begin by drawing a magick circle and calling in the elements. With your want in your right hand and the chalice of wine in your left hand, stand in front of the north point of the circle while saying:

Clurichauns and all good house faeries
Protect this home with your energies.
Go around to the east, south, and west points in that order, doing the same thing. Once this is completed, return to your altar and place the chalice of wine on it while saying:
I offer my thanks with this wine
To the Clurichauns this is my sign.
Bless the faeries, always, blessed be!
Thank the Clurichauns, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Leave the chalice of wine on your altar overnight, and in the morning pour it into the earth as an offering to the faeries.


So what make’s a good clurichaun go bad? There are many theories, but no one really knows.  Some say they get too drunk, while others say it is because there isn’t enough wine to drink. When happy, a clurichaun will make sure all wine is maintained properly and none wasted. But an angry clurichaun might slurp up all the supplies, take night rides on your dog’s back (but he prefers sheep.) He smashes bottles, scares pets, and makes a general mess of things. Clurichauns can control up to 10 gallons of wine through telekinesis. In doing so, they can make bottles squirt fluid with extreme force.  He won’t care that he is wasting his own supply of wine, he is a vengeful character when angry.

mad clurichaun

So think wisely before you choose to welcome one into your home. This is not a short term commitment.  Once there, he will stay forever and expect to be treated well.  And keep in mind, that once one is present, if he is chased away by insensitivity or lack of hospitality, no more will ever come to take his place!


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