not wine time Heaven forbid, those words be spoken! As much as oenophiles joke around that it is always wine time, in the real world that just isn’t the truth.  There are times when wine is not appropriate. (maybe, your New Year’s Resolution for Dry January!) But as true wine lovers, we are always looking forward to our next glass and I have a refreshing answer to those times that wine doesn’t align with the situation. 

O.Vine wine essence water is a wine grape infused water. The creation by Galil Mountain Winery in Israel upcycles wine grape skins and seeds to provide the crisp sparkling drink that will make you want to drink more water. 

Galil Mountain Winery is a collaboration that began in 2000 with the Golan Heights Winery. Golan Heights was founded in 1983 and is a leader in the promotion of Israel’s exciting wine culture. Located in the upper Galilee mountain range, Galil Mountain Winery is a modern designed winery, that along with its collaborator, is committed to revitalizing the region’s rich history of winemaking. 

Every wine we make is part of a puzzle. As the versatility of our region is rare in the wine world, this puzzle is particularly complex.

Their main belief is that there is a connection to the planet and as a winery they “must work with nature, and generate sustainable relationships.” In order to act upon their beliefs they have implemented a solar-powered electricity generating system, a wastewater treatment system, a solar energy system to replace the use of diesel and created a compost production system for the organic waste. 

A Natural Piece to the Puzzle 

“O.Vine is the story of a place: the soil, the vineyards, the wine – and an innovative and surprising concept. We’re obliged to commit the very best of humankind’s expertise and innovation to the stewardship of our wine growing region. By supporting nature and one another we will keep the region healthy for generations to come.” ~ Anat Levi, CEO, Wine Water Ltd.

Continuing in the pursuit of their sustainable values, O.Vine was created. Thinking outside the box provided the backbone to this project. Using grape skins and seeds that are removed from the winemaking process, they have created a new and innovative product. 

On average, approximately 25% of the wine grapes used, mostly skins and seeds, becomes waste during the wine making process.  That really is a shame, since the skins, once they are removed from the juice still retain a large percentage of their taste, aroma, color, and antioxidants. Instead of just losing these components in the name of the wine, Anat Levi craved to find a way to use them. In 2016, she realized there was a way to turn waste into liquid “gold.” 

With the help of Practical Innovation, they developed and tested a wide array of processes to create samples to evaluate. They ultimately, two years later, developed a patent pending upcycling process for an alcohol free water with the essence of fine wine.  After its debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, it was greeted with high regard and won the Best New Water Concept at the 2018 Global Bottled Water Awards in Evian, France. O.Vine essence water is available in red and white still as well as in a sparkling version.

Drink Water to Show You Care About Sustainability

There are six alcohol free variations to choose from. Although, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay Essence Waters are not available for sale. You can join their email list to be notified when they will be released. Each 16 ounce bottle has either 15 or 20 calories per eight fluid ounces. (There is 11.4 fluid ounces per bottle) All ingredients naturally sourced, sulfite free and kosher as well as having no preservatives and no added color and only 4g of natural sugar per serving. All varieties are sold in 12 pack cases through Beverage Universe for $49.99. 


The essence water is made using Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay. On the nose it is very Sauvignon Blanc, with aromas of green apple and white peach.  On the palate it is white peach and a hint of lime. link to purchase 

O.VINE RED WINE ESSENCE WATER (SRP: $49.99/12 bottles)

Red wine essence water is produced using Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot. The water has a less pronounced aroma than the white essence water, but very pleasurable. It smells a bit on the sweet side, but is completely dry on the palate. On the nose, there was sour cherry and cinnamon red hots, and the palate continued the sour cherry component. link to purchase 

Gently Sparkling White and Red Essence Waters

The sparkling variations of both the white and red essence waters are made of the same grape varieties as the still version, only with carbonation added. I actually preferred these versions more, however, that is not shocking since I always prefer sparkling water over still water. In both the red and white sparklings, I felt the aromas and flavors were more pronounced. Scientifically, this makes complete sense. Carbonation forces the gas out of the glass therefore as you bring it to your nose, you will be greeted with more aroma and since carbonation changes the pH of the water, making it more acidic the perception of the flavor on your palate is also heightened. Click to purchase the red sparkling and the white sparkling


O.vine water essence bottles
image: O.Vine – wine essence media samples

How do these wine essence waters fit into you life? There are a multitude of possibilities, but I’ll share what CEO and founder of Wine Water Ltd Anat Levi’s stated in an interview. “Drinking wine is a pure pleasure, but not all consumers are able to indulge due to its alcohol content. For example, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid alcohol entirely. O.Vine imparts the wine sensation and awakens the memory of drinking wine. The beverage delivers the health benefits of antioxidants – without the alcohol. Moreover, by upcycling the excess wine ingredients, the product is environmentally friendly.


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