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As the founder of #CabFrancDay, I am on a mission to give this phenomenal grape varietal the credit it is do! I was honored when asked to write a guest post just prior to last year’s holiday for Napa Valley Wine Academy. Although I really vamp up the press in November [#CabFrancDay is December 4th] I like to spread the Cab Franc love all year long. I thought I would modify this post that was originally posted on December 1, 2016. Thank you Stephanie for giving me the opportunity! Here are ten quick facts to get you more familiar with this phenomenal grape varietal.

Still looking for more information about Cabernet Franc and #CabFrancDay? Find us on Cab Franc Day Facebook page and website. We are constantly being updated with new facts. If you have written a post about Cabernet Franc that is not about a specific winery, please give us the link in the comments, so that we can share the #CabFrancLove.


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    1. Thank you Larry! We’ll be bottling our ’15 CF on the 21st. 100% CF ??

    1. That is a tough question. There is so much involved in the selection of a clone- for any variety, not just Cabernet Franc. They each have slight differences that make them grow differently in each area. Warmer vs cooler climate, calcaerous soil vs. clay, etc. For example- 214 likes very rocky soil and cold weather and does not like marine climate at all. We are using 312 for our Cab Franc and 04 for our Reserve that will be coming out in ’18.

      1. Thanks for the fast answer! I have an experimental vineyard in south Europe (Greece) and I have planted a speciment of C.F.clone 214 . Despite the rainy springs here, and the clay-sand soil, clone 214 seems to like the place! Although south Europe, I am located at an altitude of 1000 meters (3280 feet) a thing that makes the climate here to resemble that of NE Italy (Veneto) or Bordeaux, France. I am thinking of planting more of clone 214 but I was wondering if there might be another clone who might do well in my terroir!

        1. Oh good question. I don’t know. Maybe check with UC Davis. They are my go-to for wine info! Good luck! I would love to hear how it is going!

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