Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or even Happy Festivus Santa Loves His Wine, Dracaena Winesto all! Another year has gone by and it really has flown. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Which ever holiday you celebrate, Dracaena Wines wishes you much happiness and joy. May you be surrounded by your loved ones with lots of laughter.  

As I was exploring holiday photos on the web, I started to see a theme. There are a LOT of photos of Santa either drinking or already drunk! It appears Santa, and apparently his reindeer, do love their wine! I decided that I would share some of my favorites with you and hopefully add a little more laughter into your holiday season. 

Santa Does Love His Wine

You can’t be expected to deliver all those presents and not take some time to wine taste.

Santa Loves His Wine, Dracaena Wines

This one isn’t wine, but man, can Santa slam that Hennessey back! 

Dracaena Wines

I hope this is after he has delivered all his presents!

Dracaena Wines

The point at which you tell Santa, he’s had enough!

Santa Loves His Wine

Does anyone ever think about Santa on New Year’s? I think he must still be recuperating. 

Dracaena Wines

Obviously, Rudolph loves his wine also!

Dracaena Wines

I think I’d prefer to be lactose intolerant rather than Cabernet intolerant! How about you?

DRacaena Wines

Yeah, Santa knows how to chill! 

Dracaena WInes

And our final two photos prove that not only does Santa love his wine, he especially loves Dracaena Wines Cabernet Franc! 

Dracaena Wines

Santa Loves His Wine
ok, so I may have modified a bit :o)

Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!


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