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Do You Have a Go-To Wine? Podcast

What would be your definition of a go-to wine? Is it based on price? What dollar amount would you consider too high to be a go-to wine? How many go-to wines do you have in your cellar/closet/shelf? 

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 Do You Have A Go To Wine?

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  1. John A. Torosian

    I don’t as I like to mix it up and always try something new. My Bride on the other hand always does, if I let her. LOL

    1. DracaenaWines (Post author)

      I understand that wanting to mix things up. I also like the have variety. I don’t buy cases of anything. But I do tend to go back to the same bottle when I am not in the mood to “think” about what to have or what to serve. I guess I am a cross between you and your bride! LOL

  2. Michelle Williams

    My go-to wine is wine! 😉 Too many in the world to have just one.

    1. DracaenaWines (Post author)

      Variety is definitely the spice of life! Slainte!


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