Elmo with Dracaena Wines and Kitchen 330Welcome to our latest installment of #WinephabetStreet brought to you by Dracaena Wines and Kitchen 330. In this series, Debbie Gioquindo and I work our way through the wine world one letter each month. We discuss the characteristics and history of the grape, as well as suggested wine pairings. So uncork, unscrew or saber that bottle and connect with us as we chat, laugh and drink wine all in a laid back atmosphere.

F is for Fume Blanc

Fume Blanc is the best marketing scheme of all time! It is an acknowledgment to the grape variety that was brought to the United States from the great Château d’Yquem in the Sauternes region of France. – Sauvignon Blanc! Robert Mondavi was making a dry Sauvignon Blanc in the 1960s but with its reputation as a sweet wine thanks to its mass production after Prohibition, Sauvignon Blanc was not making a large impact on the wine community in the United States. To avoid the “bad wrap” that it was getting, he decided to change the name to Fume Blanc.

In My Glass

2018 Dry Creek Vineyards Fume Blanc ($10.99 at Total Wine)

? pale lemon

?? pronounced aromas, lemon, pear and other citrus

? dry, high acidity, low alcohol, light body, pronounced flavors, tropical fruit, lemon curd, green apple, long finish

? 100% stainless steel, 13% ABV, 100% Chenin Blanc, from Clarksburg AVA

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Fume Blanc on Winephabet Street

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