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I promise I’ll never tell you what to drink but I’ll always share what’s in my glass.

Let’s explore what we pour! All I ask is that you unscrew, uncork or saber a bottle and come join in the conversation.


Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass. The place to come to experience all things wine. My blog has won several awards including the Millesima Blog Awards, a finalist for many others such as the Borne Digital Awards, as well as being named one of the top 15 influential wine bloggers in the US by Beverage Trade Network. I am the founder of the now internationally recognized Cab Franc Day. I have both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Biology, worked as a microbiologist. I graduated from UC Davis Winemaking program and completed WSET L2 with Distinction. 


Tune in every Wine Wednesday for a new blog post. Here you can find articles including winemaker interviews, wine science, winery behind the scenes, wine tasting experiences, wine pairing suggestions, and wine education.


Do you love wine? New episodes drop every Monday. Join Lori as she cuts through the confusing jargon and the science behind wine, as well as getting the inside scoop about running a winery. Monthly episodes where you can learn about new grape varieties and exciting wine regions. If that’s not enough you can even virtually attend Master Wine classes and join in the conversation as wine writers get together and discuss interesting wine news. 

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Exploring the Wine Glass officially accepts samples as well as conducts on-site and online interviews. Want to have your wine, winery or tasting room featured? Please visit the sample policy page and then contact me directly, or use the form below. Sláinte! 

Do you love #wine? Of course you do! I promise to never tell you what to drink, but I’ll always share what’s in my glass. Find out more about my award winning blog & podcast at #PasoRobles proponent & #CabFranc champion.

Kalfu means “Blue” in Mapudungun, the language of the aboriginal Mapuche people of the region. @mywinegifts @vitioenologyrr @Njwineandbeer @bestwineguide @reccorkit @thewinerist @winetrackerco

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