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Welcome to Exploring the Wine Glass. The place to come to experience all things wine. I promise I will never tell you what to drink, but I’ll always share what’s in my glass. 

Are you looking to get your weekly wine fix by reading our award-winning blog or by listening to our podcast? We are here for you and all we ask is that you unscrew, uncork or saber a bottle and come join in the conversation.

Exploring the Wine Glass officially accepts samples as well as conducts on-site and online interviews. Want to have your wine, winery or tasting room featured? Please visit the sample policy page and then contact me directly, or use the form below. Sláinte! 

I was invited to the @crystalspringsresort #njwineandfoodfestival this past month. In between the incredible #winetasting events (see upcoming blog post) One of the vendors was @whistlepirye. They caught my attention with this little guy, but maintained it with their product.

This is such a special #wine for us. While in Italy we found a bottle of this wine. The attraction was immediate because of #Draco (names after the constellation of dragon souls). We enjoyed the bottle under the stars remembering our special boy. #viastasting2019

A Sparkling New World Brasil Master Class https://t.co/H2fntJBVMz @BeA_Lettrera @lindsayeverson @porchwine @Time2ReWine @aspiringwinos @winomofo @wineblogart @youwritepretty @terrylugo1

Today we are virtually traveling to #Brazil. During the class, we tasted Sparkling, as well as Pinot Noir and Tannat!
We are in the process of transferring our name to Exploring the Wine Glass, you can still use https://t.co/6tGZgmpigV

A Sparkling New World Brasil Master Class https://t.co/3xuMCPWWpC #podcast #winelover

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