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I have been immersed in my studies for the Spanish Wine Scholar exam approaching scarily soon and when I came across what I thought was a hysterical Christmas tradition, it triggered the idea for this post. People do some intriguing
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (a week late) The day of romance is linked to some not so romantic stories. But what is romantic is cozying up with your loved one with a wonderful glass of wine. And it is hard
Let me start off by saying that I am an adult; a long time adult. There’s no need to call my age out, but let’s just say that I have experienced more sunsets than I will see in the future.
Meet George Jetson; His boy Elroy; Daughter Judy.... Jane is wife. Completing the members of the Jetson's household was their dog Astro and Rosie the Robot. The Jetsons treated her like one of the family, not the older version robot that
So, here's the thing. Have you ever had two worlds crash? Everyone who knows me knows that I am a wine lover. I love learning new things about wine. and that is good since no matter how much you know
While having a conversation with another winery owner, the topic of bottle capsules came up. We questioned the idea of "naked bottles." (I am not sure if that is the technical term, but that's what I call bottles without a
Ok. I have not been on my soap box for a long time, but I feel obligated to step on up this week. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a scientist at heart. I enjoy talking about it
Anyone in the wine industry can tell you that not only is the three tier system archaic, but it is a royal pain in the A$$! Wineries outside of the United States often describe trying to import wines to the United
It was a warm sunny day in late June. I was sitting outside enjoying the weather and doing what so many of us have been doing since the pandemic began... sitting in on a Zoom meeting. But thankfully, this meeting