While most people get star struck, I get athlete struck.  I am a jock, no ands, ifs, or butts about it.  I may be well past my prime now, but I still live for sports.  I was never happier than
Welcome to the Dracaena Wines/VinGarde Valise giveaway.  In order to enter the contest I am asking for less than 5 minutes of your time.  You are going to have to go trough a couple of clicks on the web, but
Mixing Business and Pleasure If you have been following my blog, you know that we just spent a week on the Central Coast of California. The trip was two fold.  First we had some business with our winery, but we
Since I started writing this blog, I have learned a lot. For example, I learnt the difference between web hosting and reseller hosting and that's not all I learnt, but I won't bore you with the details. Learning everything wasn't
It is amazing how many apps there are out there.  Now, I am not really a person you would call technologically savvy.  I have an iPhone and an iPad, but am completely positive that I do no use a majority
The illustrious perfect wine.  Can there really be a perfect wine? If there is, does an individual or a group get to decide what is perfect for you?  Wine tasting is a very subjective action.  It's not like a multiple
With Mother's Day being tomorrow, I thought I would depart from the typical blog about wine.  However, I'm not really wandering too far, because without the support of my mom and dad, I would not have the courage to take