We've all been there. You have a bottle of aged or unfiltered wine that you have been dreaming of opening and you want it to be good to the last drop. As you open the bottle, you easily spot those
I decided that I wanted to get more interactive on our Facebook page. I thought about what would people like to know or discuss.  After pondering the topic for a while, I came up with Wine Scenarios.  I use scenarios
Have you ever played the alphabet game? You know, the one that is supposed to make the family road vacation a lot less Chevy Chase like! The game where each player attempts to find the letters of the alphabet, in
The Demographics Paso Robles (PASS-ə ROH-blayss) is the shortened name for El Paso de Robles which means 'The Pass of the Oaks.' It is a city in San Luis Obispo County, California, United States. Located on the Salinas River north of San
Think back to all of the Tasting Rooms you have visited? I'm going to guess there has been quite a few.  Is there one that stands out in your memory as being superior to others? What stands out the most
Picture It January 2017, spending the final evening in a house that was sold. Everything is packed. The emotions are running haywire. Thrilled and nervous at the same time about all the changes that are occurring in life. The packers
Whoa! Wait! What? No sex for a year! During a research study, 6 million people in the United States said that they would be more than happy to go sexless for a year! Yep, you read that right. So what
The following post is my entry for #MWWC31. Last month's contest was won by Allison of OkieWineGirl. Her choice is Faith. I was very happy to see that Allison won. I love reading her posts and I had the privilege of
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or even Happy Festivus to all! Another year has gone by and it really has flown. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Which ever holiday you celebrate, Dracaena Wines wishes you much happiness and
I am not familiar with Virginia wines. I am, however, familiar with the slogan "Virginia is for Lovers,"  but after participating in my first (and hopefully not last) #VAWineChat, hosted by Frank Morgan (DrinkWhatYouLike) on November 17th, I think that slogan