In my previous post about the Wine Bloggers Conference that was held November 9-12, 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA, I mentioned that we partake in what is called Wine Live Blogging. Another way to look at it is speed tasting. 
I have just returned home from this year's Wine Blogger Conference. It was held in  Santa Rosa, California and was the perfect location. Although the destination was chosen last August, the timing was perfect.  For all those reading this and
Mike and I just spent 10 spectacular days in Italy. We flew into Rome, then traveled to Florence by train and ultimately ended our trip in Venice. We were celebrating our 21st anniversary. I know... most people celebrate their 20th
"It was the best of times,  (I had a bottle of Ehlers Estate rosé and Cabernet Franc in hand) it was the worst of times, (I drank both bottles and I didn't have another) it was the age of wisdom, (In
Saturday September 10, 2016 6am Today was another first for me and I love firsts! I was going to be a judge at a wine competition. Before the summer, I was asked by Debbie Gioquindo,CSW if I would be interested in being
Welcome back to speed wine tasting! Did you rest up from last week's post? Well get ready, because there is more amazing wine today! There is definitely more than just Zinfandel in Lodi! If you missed the whole speed dating of wine
As I learned, one of the most anticipated parts of the Wine Bloggers Conference is the speed tasting. All I was told was that you have fifty minutes in which to taste ten wines. The first day would be the white
Celebrating 100 years of cultivating grapes, Michael David Winery is exhilarating family fun for Children Of Ages 21 and over! Experience the heart-pounding thrill that comes from watching amazing viticulture, majestic vines, and amazing vintners in a spectacular live event that will
I just arrived home from my first Wine Bloggers Conference and I am so happy that I attended. Social media is an amazing thing. It truly makes the world a smaller place. There are some people who believe that it
Alright, I wouldn't exactly call them hills, but there definitely is more than raisins in Fresno.  The Sun-Maid girl trademark was inspired by a real person–Lorraine Collett Petersen, who lived in the Fresno, California area where the company began its