In my previous post about the Wine Bloggers Conference that was held November 9-12, 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA, I mentioned that we partake in what is called Wine Live Blogging. Another way to look at it is speed tasting.  Imagine yourself at a table, along with 7 other wine bloggers and the host rings a bell. (not literally, although it could be an option next year) He yells “Go” and you have begun your 50 minutes session of being submersed in 10 different wines.  

I think it is rough on us, the tasters, but I can’t imagine how stressful it is for the wineries participating.  They have to hand out tech sheets, give an introduction, pour each of us a glass and answer our questions.  Meanwhile, each of us are trying to grab the bottle to get that all important photo for our tweet. I must admit that this year, some of the wineries were pros at it. They handed us a flash drive so that they didn’t have to talk shop and brought one bottle to be photographed and one to pour. Pretty brilliant in my opinion. 

I think that being a producer, I am almost like Alice through the Looking Glass.  I can’t imagine that the ROI of this activity is large. I feel that although it is fun and it is an intriguing way to sample wine, I (and this is only speaking for myself) don’t remember much about each of the wines. Yes, there may be a standout- I’ll talk about that in the next post, because I find it in the red tasting- but, overall, as the consumer, I am not truly enjoying and analyzing the wine. I take a sip, I listen and I try to type as much info for the winery as possible. With that being said, I am completely unaware of the response they get from the blitz of tweets that their winery receives for 50 minutes. I wish I could see those stats. 

That aside, I thought I’d share my tweets with you. If you like more information about the wineries, you can reply right inside this post. Give them some love! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Live Wine Blogging concept. If you were at the conference or not. I am not being at all negative; it is a pretty cool concept, just “stirring the pot” I guess. Ultimately, I guess there must be a decent ROI, since wineries return year after year. 

Stay tuned for my third post on the Wine Bloggers Conference where I show our red tasting and the wine that made my day! 




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  1. Hmm.. the live blogging concept was fine. I like it. But I personally needed more time with the wines. Maybe it might have been better if we were the ones to do the moving around to them.. and we could go through in a little bit longer space giving more time to really focus on the wines and what we were saying during live blogging…

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