As I learned, one of the most anticipated parts of the Wine Bloggers Conference is the speed tasting. All I was told was that you have fifty minutes in which to taste ten wines. The first day would be the white and rosé wines, and the second would be the reds. I was informed it was equivalent to speed dating. (never been speed dating before so that didn’t exactly help) But I was very curious (and anxious) about speed tasting.

As it turns out, you sit at a table. The master of ceremonies starts a timer. Winery personnel, in most cases the winemaker themselves, come to your table and pours you a sample of their wine. Within five minutes you taste the wine, talk to the winemaker, and tweet out things about the wine and winery.  We were provided with a list of the wineries that were participating along with their twitter handles. 

My overall take?  

Wine Bloggers Conference

The biggest positive was that I got to meet each of the winemakers and hear them tell their stories.  It’s all about the stories and their passion! Our motto of “Pursue Your Passion” held true with these wonderful people and I wanted to share that with you. 

Speed Tweeting

I tried my best to get two tweets out per wine. That’s a lot of photo snapping and finger tapping. These wines and winemakers deserve to have their story told.  Below, you will see my tweets for the speed round and just in case you are intrigued by any of the tweets, you can like and retweet any directly from this post. (wonders of technology) If any of the wines sound interesting to you, please reach out to the winery themselves and let them know you found out about them from #WBC16! 

I will have another post of Saturday’s speed tasting of the reds. 


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