An important part of having a business is to get your name out there.  I am not sure how “back in the day” businesses did this. I guess they used fliers and mailings. Luckily, (or maybe not so luckily) we have social media.  I spend a large portion of my day on the web.  I interact with many people and build relationships with them through twitter, instagram and facebook.  I have made many “friends” this way and even have met a few in real life. Imagine that! 

I have digressed as to why I was writing this post.  As I stated, I spend a lot of time online looking for information to post and to discuss with my followers and friends.  I come across a lot of items and pick and choose what I think will make people laugh or educate them about wine.  While on one of my ventures, I came across a blog post from Wine Folly.  Anyone who is on social media and interested in wine has heard of them. They have excellent posts that cover all aspects of the wine industry. Many of their posts are easy to understand infographics.  This particular post, 8 Signs That You Might Be a Wine Geek, made me laugh so hard, I had to post a few to twitter but it also made me think I could add a few more. So here are my 8 signs that you may be a wine geek.

You may be a wine geek if:

You choose your restaurants not by the food on the menu, but the wine glasses they provide. 


You may be a wine geek if:

When you travel, you shove all your clothes in a carry-on so your suitcases are available to check your wine.


You may be a wine geek if:

You choose your vacation dates around the wine festivals in the area.

wine festival


You may be a wine geek if:

Instead of getting a tattoo of your loved one’s name in a heart you get Merlot. (or your favorite varietal)



You may be a wine geek if:

While at the movies you order Diacetyl popcorn. 

Diacetyl popcorn


 You may be a wine geek if:

The temperature in your house may reach 95o but the temperature in the room you keep your wine is a constant 55o.


You may be a wine geek if:

The place where “Everyone knows your name” is the local wine store. 

norm peterson


You may be a wine geek if:

If instead of just saying the day of the week you refer to them as Merlot Monday, Tempranillo Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Tannat Thursday, Franc Friday, Sauvignon Saturday and Syrah Sunday.

wine calendar



Are you aware of any other signs that you may be a wine geek?  Leave a comment below to share how you know YOU are a wine geek.

~ Sláinte

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