I am excited to share with you my article that was published in Wine Folly.  It was such an incredible experience to open an email from Madeline Puckett stating that she read my article and thought it was a great
There are a lot of trendy words being tossed around in the wine world today dealing with how wineries are being more respectful to the earth in which they grow their vines. These concepts are often interchanged, when they shouldn't
Fermentation is what makes the difference between drinking grape juice and wine. It's really a rather simple concept and it has been occurring in nature for as long as there has been grapes on a vine. Humans did not develop
Today is a science day! Well sort of …. I’m going to be talking about science in the vineyard.  Every winery says that they make exceptional wine.. and come on, we know that isn’t true.  Now, as you know, I
How many times have you sat down with a great glass of wine and read on the label that it was made of a specific clone? Have you read an article about hybrids and wondered what the heck that meant?
People get riled up over headlines, but very few actually read the actual article. The authors are fully aware of this and try their best to write a caption that catches the population's eye. It happens all the time. I guess
I love sparkling wine. I enjoy the bubbles. The festivity that it embodies and the joy that ensues. There is something special about sparkling wine. The yeasty flavor and tingling sensation on my tongue makes me a Sparkling fanatic.   This
You've heard the saying loads of times... Great wine starts in the vineyard. It is said by so many vintners because it is true. Vine balance is extremely important to producing excellent fruit. There is a concept known as vine
I'm sure you have heard of the five "S's" of wine; See – Swirl – Sniff – Sip – Savor.  Although most people associate 'sip' as the most influential aspect of wine tasting, it is actually the 'sniff' that is the
Alright, admit it, who clicked on this link solely by the title thinking you were going to read something straight out of 50 Shades of Grey?  Well, sorry to disappoint, but I hope you continue to read on. There is