Sometimes it takes forever to come up with an idea to write about and other times, it's like you are struck by lightning with an idea. This is one of those times.  I have no clue what I was looking
Yeah, I know, that is a corny title, but I really do love this Sparkling wine and it is produced from Lichen Estate in Boonville, CA, so where else could I go with the title? So how did I come
According to there are [bctt tweet="more than 350,000,000 gallons of wine produced each year"] and although California produces 90% of US wine, wine is currently being produced in all fifty states. As of October 1, 2014 there were 7,946
Most people love fall colors.  The oohs and ahs as the leaves change colors and the season's change drives an amazing tourist industry. People travel to the North East to see these colors.  Hotels revel in the peak color time
A mountain or hill, typically conical, having a crater or vent through which lava, rock fragments, hot vapor, and gas are being or have been erupted from the earth's crust. A rupture on the crust of a planetary-mass object that allows hot lava, volcanic
Cabernet Franc is often used as a blending grape.  Many people have heard of it, but not too many have had the pleasure of sitting down with a glass of it as a stand alone varietal.  That in  itself is
Aaron of Wayward Wine won the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #17 (#MWWC17) and just like all winners of the Challenge, his “reward” was to choose the theme for the following Challenge (in this case #MWWC18). He chose "Crisis." I'm not going to lie, it
There is a lot of biology that goes into wine making and as a biologist, I understand a lot of the wine making process.  Yeast is second nature to me.  I was trained and worked as a microbiologist for years
In my first entry about cooperage, I discussed the science behind the oak that is used to make the barrels. In the second installment I discussed the actual craftsmanship involved in making the components of the barrel. In this, the final installment,
In my first entry about cooperage, I discussed the science behind the oak that is used to make the barrels. Although it completely amazes me how much the science influences the decision of which trees to choose, the actual craftsmanship