With Mother’s Day being tomorrow, I thought I would depart from the typical blog about wine.  However, I’m not really wandering too far, because without the support of my mom and dad, I would not have the courage to take on new endeavors. So in part, Dracaena Wines coming to fruition is because of them.
“Dear Mom, 
I may not always like you. We may have arguments and fights sometimes.  But there is one thing you should know, I love you always and forever!”
I found this quote online and thought what a great saying.  My mom and I have gotten into some pretty awful fights.  I am a strong personality and don’t like when people tell me what to do.  And I have a different view of life than my mom- but that is ok, because when the argument ensues deep down I know it is because my mom is just looking out for me, trying to impart her wisdom on me.  And when it is all said and done, and we have cooled down, we are mother and daughter again and I know that I am loved. (and I’m pretty sure she knows I love her more than words can say)
Not being a mom, maybe I don’t have the right to talk about what it takes to be a good mother.  But being a daughter gives me the right to tell you about a great one and the qualities she possesses.
“A mother thinks about her children day and night, even if they are not with her and will love them in a way they will never understand.”
My mom and dad supported me throughout my life and they always made sure I knew I was loved.  I think about kids today and wonder what their relationships are with their parents.  It seems that they are more “friends” than parents.  When I watch what some kids do, the decisions they make, I wonder how they can do that knowing that their parents will find out.  When I hear how the kids talk to their parents, well, I get a little peek into the home life.
As I was growing up, and still to this day, when I am faced with a difficult decision, one question that always pops into my mind is “If I do this, and mom and dad find out, what would they think?”  And if I can honestly say they would be ok with it, I feel that I have made the right decision.  To me, that’s what great parenting is.
My mom would do anything for me if she thought it would make me happy.  She could have a hundred errands to run in a day, but if I called and asked for a favor- it would be Mom to the Rescue.  She would find a way to help me.
When Mike and I decided to get motorcycles (ok, a decision I knew mom wouldn’t like, but we did it anyway) she supported us.  It probably was eating her alive from the inside every time we got on our bikes, but she supported us.  I will never forget the day that she came to the house with a present for us.  It was a sign that she had found while she was out for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel with my dad.  It said “Born to Ride.”  Her giving us that sign said “I love you and support you” more than words themselves could have said.  She did not like us riding, but she knew it made us happy, so she bought us the sign.  To help ease her tension, I did always call when we came home from a ride, so that she knew I was safe. But it just goes to show, she is always thinking of me (and my brothers).
“A mother is a person who seeing that there are only four pieces of a pie left and five people, promptly announces, she never cared for pie.” –Tenneva Jordan
Yep, this is my mom.  My mom is happy when her family is happy.  I often think what a great way to live,  and often think what a horrible way to live.  This is where mom and I have big differences.  She will try over and over to make people happy. Me, not so much.  I will try but if it doesn’t work out, I’m ok with going on. I also have what I call “bubbles.”  If you are in my bubble, I will be your strongest proponent, but if you are not in my bubble, I’ll be honest, there is only so much effort I will put in.  Being a Sagittarius, once you break that bubble, I’m done. But my mom, wow, I respect my mom so much for this quality.  She truly cares for people and is always trying her best to do the right thing for them.  There are people who I honestly don’t understand the connection, but my mom is there for them.  She will take them places if they can’t drive, she will send them cards, she will call them on the phone to check up on them.  She will give up her favorite piece of pie for them, so that they can enjoy it.  And most of all, my mom makes sure her kids are happy!  Our happiness comes before hers, and we have always known it and we are thankful for that all encompassing blanket of her love.
“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” Marion Garretty
This is so true.  With my mom (and dad) behind me I have been brave enough to do a lot of stuff.  I’m not talking travelling to the moon stuff, but stuff that was tough.  I went through high school knowing that my parents would support me with my college decision.  There was nothing I wanted more than to go to college in California.  I loved California from the first time we visited.  When it came that time, I applied and was accepted to several schools.  Mom made sure I had my security school back here in Jersey, but allowed me to choose where I wanted.  I chose Whittier College.  Initially, I wanted to go to the University of the Pacific, but as soon as I saw Whittier, I was in love.  I had no doubt in my mind, this was where I was going. We returned from the visit, and I received the acceptance letter and signed up right there.  I’m guessing it was tough for my mom to know I would be so far away, but again, it made me happy, so she did what she could to make my dreams come true.  Words could not describe how thrilled I was.  August rolled around, and we are in California getting me  settled into the dorm and all of a sudden it hit me.  My parents were leaving me 3000 miles away from home.  I knew no one and they were leaving me!  I was terrified!  My parents changed their flight.  They told me they would stay until I was comfortable.  That night I went out and met some friends, people I’m still friends with today, and I know that I was able to take that first difficult step to growing up because they loved me and were there for me.
The final quote I’ll share is from an unknown author.

A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.”

When I don’t feel happy, or there is something bothering me, I know my mom is there. Right alongside me.  Even is she is not physically there, her hug is there.  Her arms are around me telling me “It will all be alright.”  And I know deep down that eventually it will be.  My mom is awesome and although I don’t always tell her or show her, I hope she knows it. I love you mom, on Mother’s Day and always.

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  1. Beautiful post! So true, every word. Not Mothers Day today for us Brits, but wonderful to be reminded of everything parents do for us. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you!

    1. Thank you. My mom is an amazing woman. Someone who taught me how to be a strong and independent person. When is your Mother’s Day? June?

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