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Welcome to our next installment of #WinephabetStreet. In this series, Debbie Gioquindo and I will be working our way through the wine world by way of the alphabet. Each month we will take the next letter in the alphabet and learn the characteristics and history of the grape, as well as suggested wine pairings. So uncork, unscrew or saber that bottle and connect with us as we chat, laugh and drink wine all in a laid back atmosphere.

K is for Kabinett

Riesling is grown in wine regions everywhere but is the dominant grape variety grown in Germany. German Rieslings are considered the best made, with Alsatian wines a close second if not equal. Riesling is also grown very successfully in such diverse climates as Austria, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and many places in the U.S., especially the Fingerlake District of New York, Michigan, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California.



In My Glass

2016 Weingut Geil Riesling Kabinett (SRP: $16.99)

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Ep. 50 Welcome to Winephabet Street; K is for Kabinett

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Our next episode of Winephabet Street will air on Monday, May 21st at 8pm EST. You can sign up for a reminder here. The letter of the day will be L and it stands for Lambrusco.


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  1. Looking forward to Lambrusco!

    I love how you and Debbie provide so many listening options. Well done!

    Ready to listen and learn!

    1. oh Thank you! As an educator, I know people learn in a variety of ways!

  2. Thanks for the great education on this classification of Riesling! I find it so fascinating that local authorities determine the harvest date. Looking forward to next week’s Lambrusco discussion! We recently popped a bottle of Lambrusco to enjoy with Chinese Takeout for #TBT! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Robin. I will be popping my first Lambrusco tomorrow night. Interested to try! It definitely has a very interesting history.

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