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 I had the distinct honor of winning last month’s contest on “Values” which allows me to choose the next topic. Considering I read all of the other spectacular blog entries, I have a strong suspicion that one of the main reasons I won is because of my friends doing a lot of voting. With that thought, I figured that it was a proper topic for this month’s contest.  
Although Friends was just a show the one thing that I loved most about it was that those 6 people knew they could depend on each other no matter what. That is what friends are for, and that’s how you know you have a true friend.  It is easy to be around a person when they are happy, funny, and joyous.  But it is a true friend that is by your side when you are troubled, dramatic and melancholy. 
A friend is defined as: 

1- A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts
2- A person whom one knows, an acquaintance
3- A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade
4- One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement

While you can debate which definition is the most relevant or meaningful, for the Dynamic Duo correlation, I think the third definition fits best. When you hear “comrade”, you think war and in this case, my comrades and I are in a battle against boredom or the demise of distress. In my opinion, whether my friends are in a happy go lucky mood or the troubled and emotional one, they know I’ll be there for you .  I guess that’s why the Rembrandts were chosen for the title song of the show.  No matter the disposition, nothing beats meeting your friends, sitting down and having a wonderful glass of wine (or two) with a side of considerable conversation.

As the picture states, no matter how bad the day is, if it ends with your friends and wine it is automatically better.  You can conquer the day with wine and your friends. The combination allows you to relax and let you be yourself.  When you are with your friends, there is no pretense. You are allowed to be who you are.  And in this case, the wine is allowed to be what it was intended to be- a conversation starter. Wine is the doorway that opens up conversations.  All you need to do is step through.
 Even the ancient Greek understood the importance of wine and friends.  The held “Symposiums”  Etymology of the word shows that sym=together, pos = drink and ium = place.  This correlated to them having friends over to someone’s house and drinking wine with the object of creating witty conversation.
They even had a game they played when they got to the dregs of the wine.  You can think of it as the early beginnings of beer pong. It was called Kottabos. The object was to toss the dregs of the wine on the plate that is on top of a spindle, and basically, you won if you could knock over the plate. read about Kottabos here

The Greek poet Alcaeus claimed “Wine is a peep-hole on man.”  There is no safer place to let someone see who you really are, than when you are with your friends – those people that you know, like and trust the most. That peep-hole is a necessary facet in life.  You have to be able to let people in and see who you really are, otherwise risk spending your life behind a wall or mask.  Clifton “Kip” Fadiman (1904-1999) was an American intellectual, editor, and radio/television personality who had a very famous quote. “A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover.”  This is such a true statement.  Wine, by its nature, calls out to be consumed with someone. It acts as a bridge between being alone and silent as life passes you by and enjoying yourself surrounded by friends and playing a primary role in your life.

A lot can happen when you pull that cork (or turn that cap).  The possibilities are endless if you let the wine and your  friends guide you.  So, as you come to the end of this post, pick up your phone and call, text, email or whatever it is you do to get in touch with your friends and schedule a rendezvous, a happy hour, or a get together.  Choose a few bottles of wine and let the dynamic duo of wine and friends make you smile. 

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  1. Thank you for the compliment, and yes, we have found so many friends on Twitter (yourself included) that we love interacting with and sharing our love of wine. Twitter makes the world a lot smaller place.

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