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Welcome to our latest installment of #WinephabetStreet. In this series, Debbie Gioquindo and I will be working our way through the wine world by way of the alphabet. Each month we will take the next letter in the alphabet and learn the characteristics and history of the grape, as well as suggested wine pairings. So uncork, unscrew or saber that bottle and connect with us as we chat, laugh and drink wine all in a laid back atmosphere.

Q is for Quarts de Chaume

The sweet wines of Quarts de Chaume (GAAR DU SHUM) have nearly infinite aging potential. Made with the Loire’s hallmark Chenin Blanc grape, they offer complex, nuanced flavors that can pair with both rich savory dishes and desserts. This appellation is located on a small parcel of land in a single commune on the right bank of the Layon: Rochefort-sur-Loire within the Anjou district.

In My Glass

Cape Route Chenin Blanc, South Africa (SRP: $13)

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Ep. 74 Welcome to Winephabet Street; Q is for Quarts de Chaume

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  1. Hei, Lori, just read this article about Quarts-de-chaume wines I love so much. A bit surprised with the transcription – gaar du chome, sounds rather Dutch than French ))
    I mean the French over there would behave better if one pronounces it like car-de-shom. And if you stregthen the last ‘M’ then you’ll get better wines immediately ))
    take care

    1. Thank you Walter. I am always happy to learn something new and I admit my French pronunciation is not stellar! LOL I did google how to pronounce it. I will work on my hard m!I would love to taste one (or a few!)

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