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Welcome to our latest installment of #WinephabetStreet brought to you by Dracaena Wines and Kitchen 330. In this series, Debbie Gioquindo and I work our way through the wine world one letter each month. We discuss the characteristics and history of the grape, as well as suggested wine pairings. So uncork, unscrew or saber that bottle and connect with us as we chat, laugh and drink wine all in a laid back atmosphere.

E is for Egri Bikaver

Egri Bikaver is named after the region known for its production, Eger. Eger is a short 2 hour drive east from Budapest. It is located between Budapest and Tokaj, and is the site of the 16th century battle between the Hungarians and the Ottomans.The vineyards in the region are close to the mountains which provides for a cool climate. A region that had to survive Socialism, where quantity not quality was rewarded, Egri has only been working on its quality for about 20 years, but it has come a long way in that short time.   

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Have you ever had wine from #Hungary? How about a wine that has significant historical relevance? You can check both boxes off your to do list with Egri Bikaver. We explored this red blend on #WinephabetStreet ⁠ .⁠ Egri Bikaver is a red blend produced in Eger, the second largest city in Hungary and Szekszárd (Egri Szekszard). The first known reference to Egri Bikaver was in 1552 at the Fortress of Eger. The castle is known for repelling the Turkish attack in 1552 during the Siege of Eger. It is here that István Dobó and his troops repelled the attack of the thirty times bigger Sultan’s army led by Achmed pasha – chief commander.⁠ The Turks attacked the border castle and the battle continued for a month. On September 28th, the Turks managed to expugn one of the bastions, but thanks to the resourcefulness of captain Dobó they were able to push off the enemy. Rumor has it that, Hungarians drank the blood of the bull during the siege which provided them with superhuman power. This is where the nickname comes from. ⁠ .⁠ ? light ruby with transparency on edges⁠ ?? pronounced sour cherry, rosemary, dust/earth, plum⁠ ? dry, medium acidity, low tannin, low alcohol, medium body, medium flavors red cherry, plum, ⁠ ? SRP: $9.29, 12% ABV, long finish, great QPR ⁠ .⁠ Want to learn more… listen to my podcast on your favorite catcher! ⁠ .⁠ #exploringthewineglass⁠ .⁠ #winelover #drinkup ⁠ #winewinewine #wineaddict #winetasting #winegeek #winelover #wineenthusiast #winelife #winer #winemoments #drinkwine #redwine #barolo #barbera #dolcetto #winebottles #wineinsta #hungarianwine⁠

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Egri Bikaver on Winephabet Street

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