It's that time of year again! Today is my favorite wine holiday! Happy #CabFrancDay 2019!  In honor of the day, I have reposted what has turned out to be the most popular Cab Franc post. I guess everyone loves
*This is part two of the series about Hungary and is wine. In part one, I talked about how visiting Budapest and learning about it's history truly affected me. I saw images of what the people had to deal with
As she sat in the vineyard, taking in the fresh air, she thought to herself when will things change for her.  She stretched her tendrils out to absorb the last bit of sun that was dropping below the horizon. She took
#CabFrancDay is nearly here! Let us all celebrate the grape! I am on a mission to prove that this variety is "More Than a Blending Grape!"  In France, the variety is called Breton, Véron, Noir dur, Bouchy, Bouchet, Gros Bouchet, Carmenet,
In case you haven’t heard, December 4th is #CabFrancDay! We will be celebrating all day on Twitter, Google +, Periscope, and Instagram with Cabernet Franc facts. Then at 8pm EST, we will have a twitter chat. All you need to do to
  As the founder of #CabFrancDay, I am on a mission to give this phenomenal grape varietal the credit it is do! I was honored when asked to write a guest post just prior to last year's holiday for Napa
Cabernet Franc better than its son What makes Cabernet Franc so much better than his son, Cabernet Sauvignon? In one word; "Versatile." When people say, Cabernet, most people think Sauvignon. They tend to gravitate towards the "King of Reds" rather than think
#WinePW Joined in the Celebration When the theme for December's #WinePW was up for grabs, I had to jump in and suggest Cabernet Franc. Since #CabFrancDay was the weekend prior (December 4th) to the chat, I thought it was perfect
a long, long time ago, before Michael and Lori fell in love with the Central Coast, they walked into Wm. Harrison Winery in Napa Valley. The fair maiden behind the counter told them they had to try this special potion called
#CabFrancDay is finally  here! Today's post is short and sweet. In fact, there is just a video for you to enjoy! The wonderful life of Cabernet Franc, from vine to bottle in Paso Robles, CA. Join us tonight at 8pm EST