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Sipped with apps, very rich flavor. Cherry, maybe a bit of citrus. Definitely on the more masculine side of Roses. Very well done and would go great with food as well. @coupe 60

This wine is delicious. There is a bit of heft in the body of this wine that makes it quite versatile. Not only is it an enjoyable cocktail wine but also an excellent food wine. @Rick Dean

Lovely Provence-style rosé that would be great with food but also perfect for sipping on a warm day. This has bold flavors and definitely not a wimpy, watery rosé (amen to that). @Veronique Deblois

Made by direct press, they pick the Syrah early, and you can taste the freshness. Red fruits, raspberries, lush, rich. It’s definitely a big American rosé; yes you can sip it by the pool solo, but it’s food-friendly too. I’d drink this with a creamy pasta or garlicky roast chicken. So good. @Kathleen WIllcox