We are spending the day back in Paso. We were suppose to rack and blend our two barrels today, but things changed and we are doing that tomorrow.

When talking to someone about Paso, the first question you probably will be asked is which side of Paso?  Paso is divided East and West. (Divided by the 101). There also is a difference in farming due to the water difference. The west side has more difficulty getting water, so there is more dry farming, which lends itself to differences in berry size. Our previous days in Paso were on the west side, where we source our fruit. Today we will be on the East side.

There is no tasting fee if you choose five wines from their complimentary list. There is a $25 tasting fee if you choose to taste off of their reserve tasting list. This $25 fee will go towards a purchase.  They are open 10-6 in the summer and 10-5 during the winter.  Outside there is a covered area with a wood burning pizza oven along with seating. There is also a boccie court. As you can see in the picture, there is a boar at their entrance. Rumor has it, you can rub the boar for good luck. There a several trees to park under.  We purchased two 2012 Viognier. 
Broken Earth
Tasting fee: there are two different tasting flights. Each flight is $5. The first flight is called “The Classics” which are the more common varietals, and the “Off the Beaten Path” which are “craft wines” such as Diablo Blanc.  They are open daily 10-5. There is a gourmet market and cafe named Gusto’s attached. The menu made me drool.  (cucumber vegetable pannini- YUM) You can also have a wine and cheese pairing for an additional $5 charge.  Outside there are a couple of spaces with shade.  We made no purchases. 
Tobin James
Tasting is complimentary here. They are open daily 10-6, 364 days a year (only closed on Christmas). The tasting room is like an old west saloon. Music is playing and there is a fun atmosphere. There are three large tasting bars so there is a lot of room to cozy up to taste. Outside there is plenty of space to sit and relax. There is a huge fireplace for those cool evenings. There is also shade in this parking lot. We purchased two 2011 Zinfandel “Ballistic” and two 2011 Zinfandel Fatboy. 
Tasting fee: $5 and includes the glass. They are open daily from 10-5. This is a beautiful place to come and taste. There are teak tables and chairs outside overlooking a pond with Koi. There is also a boccie court here overlooking the pond.  Inside is very modern. It can’t be too difficult to come to work here. Truly beautiful. We purchased two 2012 Santa Brabara county Chardonnay and two 2011 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. 
B & E
Tasting fee: $10 with a $5 discount if you purchase a bottle. If you purchase two bottles, the entire fee will be waived. They are open Friday-Sunday 12-4 and Saturday 11-5. You can also call 805-238-4815 Monday-Thursday.  for an appointment on This is a small place but very cute.   You can purchase a glass of wine for $7 and enjoy it on their patio. Patti, the owner met us at the gate and poured for us. They are considered part of the Creston Wine Trail. There are no trees to provide shade. We made no purchases. 

Tasting fee: $5 waived with purchase. We were greeted by Luna, their winery dog. They are open Thursday -Monday 11-5 and you can call 805-238-1854 to schedule an appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday. Connected is PasoPort that specializes in hand crafted dessert-style wines. As we tasted, I had to laugh. Their Viognier was a little warm. They asked if we would like it chilled, and we said yes. Out came the frozen grapes!  Have to love Pinterest!   There is shade to park under. We purchased two 2010 Zinfandel. 
Robert Hall
There are two different tastings available.  The first is $10 and is considered their House Tasting along with a premium tasting of $15. They hold live music events in the amphitheater and on the patio. On Friday and Saturdays they have a chef come in with a portable wood burning pizza. They are open daily 10-6. There is some shade if you back into a spot. We are questioning about purchasing a case of 2011 Cab Sauv but need to find out about compliance to NJ. Have to wait until Tuesday to find out. 
Tasting is complimentary here for the Kiara label. There is a $5 tasting fee for the Le Vigne label. This fee is waived with purchase. Additionally, there is an option for a cheese pairing that costs $10 and includes a logo board and a chocolate pairing for $10. You can also buy cheese directly from here. They are open Sunday – Thursday 11-5 and Friday-Saturday 11-6. We did the cheese pairing because cheese makes me happy! We purchased one 2011 Ame De La Vigne. 
J. Lohr 
Tasting is complimentary. You can pick up to six wines to taste. They are open daily 10-5. The tasting room is set up like an L. Outside there are a few tables on their deck. There is no shade for parking. We purchased two 2012 October Night Chardonnay and two 2012 Tower Road Petite Sirah. 
What a difference a few days make. Initially, we weren’t buying wine and thought we would would be sending empty shippers back. But once we hit our favorite area of Paso, we couldn’t contain ourselves. We are beyond our five cases and we will be shipping home. Thank you J. Lohr for providing us with another shipper. 
Oof, that was a big day in terms of number of wineries, but not so many actual wines. We ended the day with going to Rooster Creek in Arroyo Grande. We love the place and have to get here as much as we can while in the area. 

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