Picture It January 2017, spending the final evening in a house that was sold. Everything is packed. The emotions are running haywire. Thrilled and nervous at the same time about all the changes that are occurring in life. The packers
Whoa! Wait! What? No sex for a year! During a research study, 6 million people in the United States said that they would be more than happy to go sexless for a year! Yep, you read that right. So what
The following post is my entry for #MWWC31. Last month's contest was won by Allison of OkieWineGirl. Her choice is Faith. I was very happy to see that Allison won. I love reading her posts and I had the privilege of
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa or even Happy Festivus to all! Another year has gone by and it really has flown. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Which ever holiday you celebrate, Dracaena Wines wishes you much happiness and
I am not familiar with Virginia wines. I am, however, familiar with the slogan "Virginia is for Lovers,"  but after participating in my first (and hopefully not last) #VAWineChat, hosted by Frank Morgan (DrinkWhatYouLike) on November 17th, I think that slogan
Cabernet Franc better than its son What makes Cabernet Franc so much better than his son, Cabernet Sauvignon? In one word; "Versatile." When people say, Cabernet, most people think Sauvignon. They tend to gravitate towards the "King of Reds" rather than think
a long, long time ago, before Michael and Lori fell in love with the Central Coast, they walked into Wm. Harrison Winery in Napa Valley. The fair maiden behind the counter told them they had to try this special potion called
East Coast People I'm not going to lie. East coast people can get a little out of control. In fact, pretty much we are known for our tempers. We can blame it on the tri-state area traffic, the stress of the
Yeah, it's Halloween and that means that there are going to be a "Top Lists" out there.  As I sit here, quite honestly rather bored to death, I decided I would add to the plethora of posts you will see.
I am not a morning person.  I'm not really sure I'm a night person either. Maybe I'm a midday person! I seem to come into my prime somewhere around 11am. Is there even a word for that? I think I should come