Whereas most rosés I’ve enjoyed recently are defined by their high acid and crispness, the Dracaena rosé has depth and weight on the palate. Even with the round, and dare I say almost creamy mouthfeel, the acid is bright and mouthwatering. ~Nick Berube
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Who’d a thought a Provence-style rosé would pair so well with Cajun shrimp, grits and sautéed collard greens & a tangy pickled corn relish? But a cold glass of this Paso Robles AVA pink from the Mossfire Ranch Vineyard with its fresh strawberry, passion fruit notes is dry, crisp with lovely acidity and minerality. The Dracaena Wines is a wonderful foil to the spicy shrimp but also is well suited to the patio afterwards. ~ Greg Stobbe
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Open the bottle of the Dracaena Wines 2017 Rosé of Syrah and breathe in late summer aromas of stoned fruits like peaches and nectarines, the almost dull, watery freshness of watermelon, and a whisper of a warm wind. On the pour, this rosé is near clear with an amber hue, but settles into the glass the burnt-orange-meets pink of an August sunset. And as it flows from bottle to glass, this wine already emits a beautiful aroma.  ~Stacy Briscoe
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