91 Dracaena 2016 Classic Cabernet Franc (Paso Robles). 

This bottling shows a lot of oak influence, but it works well, starting with aromas of toasty vanilla, pecan and caramelized red fruits. The palate is lively with black raspberry as well as dried thyme and cracked pepper, leading into a tightly wound finish. —M.K.

Last night a worthy revisit of 2016 Dracaena (druh-see-nuh) Cabernet Franc from Paso Robles. This Cabernet Franc won 2nd place at our December 4th International Cabernet Franc Day Competition. Admittedly, it was not one I had voted for initially. Paired with mouthwatering stuffed Bell Peppers this provided a great companion. This wine with the floral & herbal characteristics, and just a modicum of pyrazines imparting which greenness and black pepper hit the bullseye. The timely picked fruit at the pinnacle of maturation, imparted cherry and sweet tobacco layers. What a delight! It will definitely get my vote this coming year!!! ~Michael Kelly

Deep ruby in color with aromas of milk chocolate, cherry, and tobacco, with hints of vanilla and white pepper. On the palate, black cherry, tobacco, leather, and cedar, with ripe tannins. A delicious New World Cab Franc with enough complexity to satisfy the wine nerds, without scaring off the newbies. ~Denise Lowe, the Goddess of Wine